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To my best knowledge, it is. No self-respecting writer wants to plagiarize because then you are appreciating another writer’s work and undermining yours. I am running a full-fledged business of providing content writing and content marketing services and I have a comprehensive presence not just on my own website and blog but also on other websites. Just to save a couple of hours I won’t sully my reputation. Besides, I am happy the way I charge for my services so that I can fully concentrate on providing unique and original content. Please also read A successful content writer must have a unique voice.

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Think it this way. When someone just walks into your office or shop how do you convince that person into buying from you? Remember that in the physical world, the choice is quite limited. There may be just a couple of shops selling the same things that you are selling. Once someone enters a shop or an office, usually the person spends at least 10-15 minutes in the shop going through various items or interacting with your salespeople.