The New Way to Advance

Our customers choose us because we provide leading technology, deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry. Over the last decade, our approach to business has helped transform us from a small engineering upstart to a leading global provider of UEFI firmware.

Why Dzab Soft

Dzab Soft offers an array of services and training that many of the world’s most successful computing companies have taken advantage of. Our services become a valuable supplement to your engineering teams, freeing up your own internal resources to focus on producing your new product. For whatever area you choose to utilize us, you will find our professional engineering services to be an invaluable resource for your projects, and provide you with the advantages you need to stay ahead of the competition. Click here to learn more about what our services can offer you.

As the first BIOS vendor to offer comprehensive UEFI training programs, our customers rely on us to keep them current with new enabling technology and industry standards.